The best SNES simulator for Android


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SuperGNES is a complete Super Nintendo emulator thanks to being able to enjoy all the classics from the fantastic 16 bit Nintendo consol on your Android device.

The emulator, compatible with practically all the titles from the Super Nintendo catalog (including Mario RPG, Kirby Super Star, and StarFox, which tend to have problems with emulation), is one of the fastest of its kind, offering a covetable rate of frames per second even on somewhat slow Android devices.

When playing games, SGNES offers various possibilities, such as showing you the Super Nintendo controls for easier gameplay or hiding them so you can have more viewing space on the screen. Furthermore, you can play both in horizontal as well as in vertical mode.

Other possibilities of the emulator will allow you to do screen shots, activate cheats on some videogames, and even increase the speed of some games using turbo, something very useful for role playing games, for example.

SGNES is compatible with smc, fig, zip and 7z formats, and is able to load any game of this format. Moreover, as was mentioned at the beginning, it is compatible with practically any game from the Super Nintendo catalog.